The following pages outline the terms, conditions and policies that govern your use of the Trelica website and our SaaS management application.

These terms apply to Customers using the Trelica application as part of a free trial or a paid plan. The MSA incorporates several of the other terms and policies listed here by reference and is the central document that governs your use of the Trelica application.

By registering for a Trelica trial you are agreeing to the terms of the MSA. Whilst all of the terms are relevant to your use of Trelica during a Trial Subscription, we would specifically draw your attention to Schedule 2 and the Acceptable Use Policy.

This policy applies to you if:

  • You're using the Trelica public website or any related subdomain

  • You're accessing the Trelica application as part of a free trial

  • You're accessing the Trelica application because an organisation that subscribes to Trelica's paid services invited you (this could be your employer or a company you supply)

These terms govern the processing of Personal Data by Trelica on behalf of our Customers. They are supplemental to, and form an integral part of, the Master Subscription Agreement.

This document outlines the Trelica application availability / uptime commitments to Customers on a paid plan.

Other Policies

Privacy Policy

Backup Policy

Responsible Disclosure Policy

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