The following pages outline the terms, conditions and policies that govern your use of the Trelica website and our SaaS management application.
These terms apply to you if:
  • You're using the Trelica public website or any related subdomain
  • You're accessing the Trelica application as part of a free trial
  • You're accessing the Trelica application because an organisation that subscribes to Trelica's paid services invited you (this could be your employer or a company you supply)
These terms apply to Customers using the Trelica application as part of a free trial or a paid plan. Customers on a paid plan will be presented with an Order Form detailing the specific services they're subscribing to and the associated fees.
This document outlines the Trelica application availability / uptime commitments to Customers on a paid plan.


EU Standard Contractual Clauses

In addition to the data protection provisions of the Master Subscription Agreement, this supplementary option is available for Customers wishing to enter into a Data Processing Agreement ensuring compliance with Article 28(3) and (4) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation).
Download the PDF, enter your company details in the 'Controller' section of Annex I (page 9), sign and send to [email protected] for countersignature.
Please note that these clauses are prescribed and standardised under GDPR and can not be modified.
Last modified 3mo ago